Helping the Black Family Become
Financially Built to Thrive.

At Citizen Onyx, we believe we are in the 5th phase of the Civil Rights Movement, at a critical moment in time where forces are actively pushing to reverse the hard-fought progress of our people.

We believe that in order to accomplish equality for our people in America, we must defeat the systemic racism and discrimination still baked into the system.

We believe that defeating this systemic racism and discrimination will take a concerted effort from various groups of problem solvers coming at the problem from different viewpoints.

This movement aims to amass the financial might necessary to undo the generations of terror, torture, and exploitation we have been subject to.

Our Mission

Our mission is to defeat systemic racism and discrimination by attacking the racial wealth gap as a people and funneling that money back into our families and communities.

To execute our mission, we’ve designed our STFP system to help our families get into strong financial positions so that when the bad times come and they will come, they can survive and capitalize, AKA being financially built to thrive.

Currently, we offer our blog, and there’s so much more to come.

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Welcome to Citizen Onyx.

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