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“Dream Big, but remember dreams without goals are just dreams, and they ultimately fuel disappointment.” ~Denzel Washington

A Grand Vision: The Intersection of Dreams and Goals

While some people are naturally gifted or seemingly lucky, most must work hard and hustle to get what they want out of life. And the catch-22 about relying solely on luck or innate talent is that it will only take you so far. Denzel’s quote hits home for me because it screams grand strategy. See, grand strategy is setting goals and making decisions based on your long-term plans for your life while considering the skills and resources at your disposal. With a grand strategy, what most people find impossible, you can achieve with a little hard work and luck. Below are five reasons becoming a grand strategist will transform your life!

    1. Singular Focus: As a grand strategist, your life gains a singular focus. No matter how small, every action moves you closer to achieving your dreams.

    1. Realistic Pathways: Grand strategy encourages realism. It helps you carve your unique path based on your inherent abilities, available resources, and current circumstances

    1. Force Multipliers: With grand strategy, every decision you make, and habit you form over time, can move mountains.

    1. Objective Evaluation: Grand strategy allows you to evaluate yourself objectively. This means you can effectively identify and correct your mistakes.

    1. Flexibility: Grand strategy makes you adaptable in any environment and situation so you can survive if necessary and thrive when capable.

Applying grand strategy is a game changer. It elevates you from being a pawn in somebody’s game to controlling the chessboard. It equips you with knowing when to take shots and when to pull back. You don’t want to be like Babe Ruth and swing at every pitch or Brett Favre and go for the touchdown every throw. You also don’t want to avoid playing the game because you fear losing. Grand strategy can give you the best balance because you are prepared, calculated, and intentional.

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