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“Now is the time to plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize.” ~ Killer Mike

Understanding Your Resources

Imagine being a general over an army and not knowing how many soldiers you had under your command—not understanding their strengths and weaknesses. How could you be effective? How could you prepare for war and win battles when you have no idea what you’re capable of? While this may seem like the bare minimum to being an effective manager, most of us do the same thing with our money. We barely have a clue about the comings and goings of our hard-earned dollars. Once our deposit hits or our checks get cashed, that money starts disappearing like rabbits out of a hat.

The Illusion of Wealth Without Management

So, how can we build wealth if we can’t properly manage that money? You may think making more money will solve the problem, but it’s not the solution. Many people who hit the lotto and win millions end up wasting it all or dying from the life it enables them to create. Plenty of celebrities and athletes who make millions are living paycheck to paycheck. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you are one mistake or accident away from financial ruin. You are in danger. If anything, the more you make, the greater your fall will be.

Empowering Through Personal Finance

Personal finance teaches us many concepts and provides many tools to help address this issue. The first and arguably most important tool you have at your disposal is a budget. A budget helps manage and allocate resources, prioritize spending, and serves as a goalpost for meeting financial goals. Most people hate budgeting because it can feel time-consuming and restrictive, but it can help make you financially free if used with intention. Budgeting gives you the unique ability to take care of your present and future self. Consider this tool the first step to becoming “financially hard to kill” and building your foundation for wealth. Budgeting will ensure you get financially better over time and enable you to set your future generations up for success.

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