Welcome to Citizen Onyx! This is your 2nd Cousin 2x Removed ™️. I am your resident blogger, and my mission is to make the black family financially built to thrive so we can survive the hard times and thrive when the opportunities present themselves. This blog is for the black family whom the world has systematically worked hard to destroy. Below is my story.

Diagnosis and Despair

As I pulled up to my driveway, I realized I was home. I felt like I abruptly woke up from a nightmare. I was confused about how I even got home so fast. I looked up in my rearview mirror to see my eyes were bloodshot red with tears still rolling down my face, which explained my throbbing headache. I just left my 2-year-old’s doctor’s appointment, where he was diagnosed with autism, and I was shaken. I put up a good front at the appointment and to the car, but the tears began to flow uncontrollably as I started putting my kid in his car seat. I was lost, sad, and confused. See, my kid was born 3 months early at 1 pound 10 ounces, and I dedicated my life to getting him as healthy as possible. This diagnosis was a gut punch that I felt throughout my body. I had so many questions running through my head. What is autism exactly? How is it going to affect his life? How is it going to affect our family? Will he have to live with us his entire life? Then, the questions got darker… Is he going to die before us? If he needs my wife and me to function, what happens if and when we die? I was distraught at the thought that my boy had another fight on his tiny hands. He had been fighting his whole life; I felt it wasn’t fair to him or us.

Turning Sadness into Determination

This was one of the worst periods of my life, and it took me a few weeks to get out of my funk. Eventually, my sadness turned into anger and then to determination. I told myself this was just another challenge we would overcome. Then, I went into problem-solver mode. I researched autism, found answers, and made appointments for a 2nd and 3rd opinion. After my wife and I confirmed the diagnosis and understood the battle ahead, we made a plan and started executing. Once we had our routine in place and my Cameren was at a good place in his treatment, I had to start answering the questions that kept me up at night. What would happen to him if he needed us and we died? Or worse, we couldn’t take care of him? The answer I came up with was that we needed strategies in place and a lot of money to ensure he would be taken care of no matter what happened to us. But when I looked at our finances, we lived paycheck to paycheck even though we made a decent amount of money. I knew I didn’t have all the answers, but I made it my mission to figure it out and make my family financially built to thrive!

Awakening to a National Crisis

Fast forward a few years, and covid shuts the world down. It was the first time everybody got to lift their heads above water and take a deep breath. There was no work, school, sports, or reality TV. When Americans looked into the mirror collectively, we realized we hated our reflection. It seemed like every couple of weeks, a black person was being murdered by the people sworn to protect them. It was a sad moment in American history. As murder after murder started to stack up, we decided enough was enough and took to the streets screaming Black Lives Matter! We were hurt, frustrated, and seeking change. Parents were afraid for their black sons; wives were scared for their black husbands and worried they wouldn’t make it home for no other reason than being black in America.

Seeking Solutions to Racism

When I spoke to friends and family, we all had stories of racism and discrimination. We all had times when we were worried something bad might happen or did happen just because we were black. Determined to find a solution, I started researching the history of black people in America and our struggles.

The Impact of Resources on Black Lives

Throughout my research, there seemed to be a common thread that connected most stories. That common thread was resources. Resources were the main problem that started our struggles, and it’s the same problem keeping us as a people in survival mode and harmful environments. Eric Garner lost his life over selling loose cigarettes. Let me say that again. Eric Garner lost his life over cigarettes.

A Commitment to Empowerment

Like my son, I realized that many black people in America were born into hardship and struggled at no fault of their own. We’re constantly put into bad positions in harmful environments caused by the injustices of America’s past, never fully rectified. See, racism and discrimination are woven into the fabric of America, and the majority of society tells us it’s not the case. We’re told to pull ourselves up by our boot scrapes without acknowledging our past. I promised myself that when I found the answers to succeeding as a people in America, my mission would be to help black families do the same.

Together, on the Path to Financial Success

After 3+ years of intense research and experimentation, I’m proud to say my family is now financially built to thrive. Now, my mission is to help black families become financially built to thrive in less time and with fewer scars to show for it. If you are still reading, I want you to know you are already headed in the right direction and can succeed in anything you put your mind to. Knowing there is a problem and being willing to address it is half the battle! Know that we are in this together, and with some hard work and effort, you can be the generational cornerstone for your family’s wealth in all things.

Cause in a world built for us to fail, who got us but us?




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