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“The net worth of Black Americans is 70% lower than non-black households.” ~CNBC

Crazy right? To be honest, it downright pisses me off. But if you know anything about our experience as a people in America, you could come up with ten reasons for this statistic off the top of your head. I’m a pragmatist by nature, so I prefer to focus on what we can do to fix it. My solution to this disparity is the STFP system.

The STFP System

The STFP system is a unique 4-part system designed to arm you and give you the tools and abilities necessary to survive and thrive in a world not meant for you to succeed. The core tenets of the STFP system are strategy, tactics, financial literacy, and process improvement. Below are five ways the STFP system can help you beat the odds.

    • Strategy: With the right strategy, you can significantly improve your chance of success. The goal isn’t merely to adopt a plan that worked for someone else but to tailor a program to your specific situation and resources.

    • Tactics: Understanding the appropriate tactics to employ in your chosen field can speed up the learning process and increase your effectiveness. The right tactics shorten your learning curve and help you achieve your goals faster.
    • Financial Literacy: Becoming financially literate empowers you to make the best financial decisions for yourself and your family. And make no mistake; all decisions are financial decisions.

    • Process Improvement: Adopting a process improvement mindset completes your journey toward becoming your best self. It allows you to create effective systems, evaluate your performance, identify root causes, and find data-driven solutions to your problems.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap: It starts with us

By studying and applying the principles via the STFP system. We can become more competitive and effective in closing the racial wealth gap. Along with addressing other issues we face today in our group.

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