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The Odds

According to the Institute for Family Studies (2021), black children in homes headed by single parents are about 3.5x more likely to live in poverty than black children living with 2 parents in a first marriage. That’s more than 450% more likely! And while this number is staggering, the fact that in our community, 48% of our children are living in a home headed by a single parent makes that number horrific. That’s close to half of our kids, with a 450% increase in the odds of being poor as adults.

Is it Fate?

These numbers are downright scary and, if true, serve as a bad omen for our future as a people. But what do these numbers really mean? Are almost half of our kids doomed to live in poverty? Are we, as a people, forever locked in a lower class struggling for survival?

The Answer

I say h*ll no. If we let the statistics define us, we dampen our individuality and power. Just because the odds are not in our favor doesn’t mean we can’t achieve what we set our minds to. I would argue these numbers are the way they are because raising a kid is hard. Being a single parent and having to work a 9-5 is an almost impossible job. Single parents must do the balancing act of providing for their kids while trying to raise them. And the truth of the matter is it’s tough even to raise a kid with both parents in the home, let alone one or having multiple kids. However, we can overcome these barriers as parents by doing 3 top things.

Top 3 Things to Overcome

  1. Learn financial literacy and teach it to our kids. Studies show that kids develop their habits with money as early as 7 years old. We must be good role models and show our kids how to handle money properly, but we can’t lead if we can’t do.
  2.  Set the foundation for our kids’ future. The more we can position our family for success, the better chances they have to succeed. We need financial stability and income-producing assets that we pass down to our future generations. This will give them the best chances of overcoming the systemic racism and discrimination they are bound to face as black people in America.
  3. Have life insurance. We need to have measures in place to take care of our kids in case we expire too soon. Also, when the time does come, life insurance can ensure generational wealth at a fraction of the cost.

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