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How do you survive in a country built on your ancestors’ backs yet designed for you to fail?

Growing up, I believed that Martin Luther King Jr. had conquered racism and that he used non-violence to overcome insurmountable odds. Then everybody held hands, singing Michael Jackson’s “Black or White.” In reality, my beliefs were pure nonsense. In my defense, talks about race and racism were nonexistent in my home. I learned everything from school and TV.

When my pops retired from the military, I remember reality slapping me in the face when we moved to Georgia. I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, excited to finally be in a place where people looked just like me. However, as time passed, my experiences made me question whether MLK beat racism’s a** as I thought.

Signs of a Divided Past and Present

I remember being confused by seeing Confederate flags flying high while we drove on interstates and highways. One, in particular, was so big I thought it was the size of at least half a football field. I wondered why symbols of America’s enemy were displayed so prominently. Wasn’t this treason? Why did the government allow this? Why did everybody act like it was normal?

 I remember when the cops followed and pulled over my friends and me for driving while black and the nasty encounter, I had with a white man at my school’s soccer game in the 10th grade. With each passing incident, I questioned whether what I was being taught in my history books was true.

A System Not Designed for Us

What’s sad is that my stories are a drop in the bucket for people that look like us. Stuck in a world built off our ancestors’ backs and designed for us to fail. Then when we voice our concerns, we’re ignored, debated, and silenced. This plight isn’t exclusive to America; globally, black people face a similar struggle for survival. How can you plan your future when your present is unstable? How can you worry about your neighbor when you’re fighting to put food on the table?

The brutal truth is that our leaders have been systematically eliminated and replaced by individuals who are often too burdened by their circumstances to uplift others. And they frequently promote lifestyles largely unattainable for most of us if we were to be responsible.

The STFP System: A Pathway to Success

So, how do we navigate a system designed for our failure? My solution: the STFP system, focusing on strategy, tactics, financial literacy, and process improvement. If black families become proficient in these areas, we can better understand the game hidden from us, its big players, its rules and referees, and the most effective ways to win. Together, we can be the rising tide that lifts all ships to form our communities again.

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