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“I’m a master of my own fate, plus I’m the type of n*gga own the masters to my tape.” ~Nipsey Hussle

Unveiling the Superpower of Strategy

Call me crazy, but I believe effective strategizing is a superpower. Having an effective plan can make dreams come true. Strategy was so important back in the day that officers in the military were instructed not to teach it to their enlisted to prevent mutinies. Way back when officers were nobility and upper class, one of the worst things that could happen was that the poor folks forced into service organized and overthrew their leadership. It’s wild to think strategy is so powerful that it was a military secret.

From Military Secrecy to Everyday Life

Is war not your cup of tea? Well, let’s use the Ronald as an example. Mcdonald’s is a great case study for business strategy. The mass production of food like hamburgers and fries and buying real estate at great locations are a considerable part of their success. Those strategies acted as jet fuel, rocketing Mickie D’s into the ranks of one of the most successful businesses ever.

Applying Strategy to Our Lives

But how does this apply to us? How can we use strategy to our benefit? How can we use strategy to reach our goals? The answer to these questions will be unique to every person, entity, or organization. Those answers will depend on many factors. The biggest are: What are your goals? And what resources do you have at your disposal to meet said goals?

Crafting Your Strategy

If you need a little direction, start by writing down your goals. And don’t short yourself. Dream big, go crazy! 2nd, it would be best if you evaluate what resources you have available and what talents you have. With those 2 ingredients, you will have everything you need to formulate your strategy. If you want to really up your strategy game, study the greats that came before you. If you can learn from others, you can shorten your learning curve and increase your effectiveness without the pain of the experience.

A Challenging yet Rewarding Journey

But don’t get it twisted; what will determine how lucky you have to be to succeed will be your understanding of the game you are playing and the utilization of your resources. That can mean money, network, skills, benefits, degrees, etc. Some people can sell anything, while others are great at making personal connections. The trick is to use what you have available and your God-given abilities to move towards your goals. If you can do that while improving over time and outsourcing your weaknesses, you will succeed if and when possible. This is easier said than done, but by matching your goals with your means, you will give yourself the best chance at achieving your wildest dreams.

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