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“Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.” ~Shaq

Unearthing the Roots of Financial Literacy

Did you know that how you handle your money is learned as early as 7 years old? It seems wild to think that by 1st grade, kids start developing their relationship with money. I don’t know about you, but at 7, I had plenty of relationships, and none of them was with cash. Think about this. How many kids did you know growing up had financial advisers around? How many kids did you know growing up knew any financially responsible adults? The truth is across America, no matter the race, financial literacy is very low. Kids are typically taught by their parents, peers, and society and that my friend is no bueno.

A Story About Money

The closest I got to being taught how to manage money was my father telling me a couple of times after I was an adult that he worried about me because he didn’t think I saved my money. An argument can be made that those encounters wouldn’t even count as financial advice and plot twist; the way he came across offended me so much that I didn’t heed his warnings. Even with my financial upbringing I can’t sit here and blame my parents for my bad relationship with money because theirs was horrible. How can you teach something you don’t understand yourself? My dad’s warnings came from self-reflection. The lessons of experience after going from being one of the top-selling insurance people at his company to struggling to make ends meet. He retired from the military, had a couple of good years selling insurance, and didn’t have much to show for it. As a family, we went from not worrying about money to barely getting by.

The weird thing about not having a relationship with money was that when it left my house, I paid it no never mind. When money got tight and life got hard, I still felt blessed because many people around me were doing far worse; how could I complain? While this might have been a good survival technique, it wasn’t good for my financial habits. Get this: I knew what saving was but never actively did it until my wife wanted to start doing the budgeting envelope system her father taught her again after the ripe age of 25.

The Message

The messed up thing is my story is probably just a drop in America’s bucket of financial illiteracy stories. The good news is that if I can go from living on a credit card until my check stopped getting garnished to being financially hard to kill and building wealth for my family, anybody can do it. Just because we start late doesn’t mean it’s too late. Half of the battle is knowing there’s a problem, to begin with, and wanting to take the steps necessary to correct it.

Why This Matters to You

If you’re here, you are at least 25% closer to being the generational cornerstone your family needs. Understanding that you have a problem is one of the most challenging barriers to overcome and the first step to improving. If you’re ready to get active, which is the hardest step to take, a beautiful thing will start to take place. As you begin putting in the work to improve and fix your broken relationship with money, breakthroughs start to happen.

Welcome to Citizen Onyx! I’m so happy you are here because we have work to do, not just for us but for our families and our community. Let’s build!

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